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The Pittsburgh Alumni Chapter was chartered in 1922 by the following noble men: Dr. Marcus P. Blakemore, Edward Bailey, Dr. William C. Cuthbert, Oscar Harris, Howard C. McKinney, Edward L. Harris, Dr. B. O. Holland, and Edward Moss.

The chapter was formed by Founder Dr. Marcus P. Blakemore and was one of the first twenty chapters organized. During its infancy, the chapter worked hard to make an impact in the Pittsburgh community. The chapter held numerous social events to unite people who strove for achievement. Edward Harris left Pittsburgh shortly after the founding of the chapter and helped to form Marshall Alumni in Texas in 1928 and served as the Keeper of Exchequer. In the early years of the chapter, meetings were held at brothers' houses and different YMCA's in the area.

The Pittsburgh Alumni Chapter has oversight of five undergraduate chapters in Western PA and Northern West Virginia. The Beta Epsilon Chapter, now housed at the University of Pittsburgh, was chartered on September 19, 1937 at Duquesne University. The following chapters branch off of Beta Epsilon: Epsilon Chi (West Virginia University), Zeta Eta (California University of Pennsylvania), Lambda Upsilon (Indiana University of Pennsylvania), and Mu Phi (Clarion University).


Pittsburgh Alumni Chapter proudly recognizes the achievements of local brothers. Lt. Col. George N. Charlton, Jr., (Chapter Invisible) and Eric S. Morris, Sr. as recipients of the Elder Watson Diggs Award. The Elder Watson Diggs Award is the second-highest honor bestowed upon a member of the fraternity for meritorious achievement.

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